Calvin Klein Jeans

Calvin Klein Jeans is the casual expression of a modern American designer lifestyle. It is rooted in denim, and is famous for its unique details and innovative treatments. Each season the brand embraces it’s iconic, American legacy, while also introducing new and evocative styles.

Sunglass designs incorporate the latest in denim and youthful fashion street styling. Bold proportions and provocative colorations make Calvin Klein Jeans a driving force in fashion eyewear today.


CKJ445S 004

CKJ445S 304

CKJ445S 426

CKJ445S 800

CKJ750S 001

CKJ750S 305

CKJ750S 800

CKJ757S 001

CKJ757S 204

CKJ757S 239

CKJ758S 001

CKJ758S 006

CKJ758S 405

CKJ759S 001

CKJ759S 109

CKJ759S 600

CKJ760S 203

CKJ760S 418